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Q. Is there lye in your soap and how do you make it?

 A. I do use lye in the soap making process. You can't make soap without it. When my soaps are done curing there is no lye left in them. I superfat my soaps which means that I use more fat than what is required for reaction with the lye. This creates a very moisturizing bar of soap.  My soaps are always made in small quantities, less than 20 bars per batch, so you can rest assured that these are not a mass produced product. 

Q. What do you scent your products with?

A. I use pure essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oils. I also make unscented soaps, for those who are sensitive to even the most subtle and natural of fragrances. 

Q. How do you color your soaps?

A. In my all-natural soaps, I use botanicals and spices such as alkanet root, grated orange peel, turmeric, paprika, or even charcoal to achieve the desired effect.  Natural colors tend to be more muted, so I use mica colorants for a more vibrant effect in some soaps. 

Q. Do you make custom products?

A. Yes, I make custom products! I can make and label any of my products to match the theme of any occasion.  Call or e-mail me to work out the details.  

Q. Does your soap help with skin conditions?

A. The FDA says I can't make any medical claims about my soap alleviating any skin condition. With that being said.......many of my customers say that itchy feeling goes away after using my soap. Others have stated that their skin feels more moisturized.