How This Business Began


 Carol is a longtime resident of Mobile, Alabama, a Navy veteran, and a retired Systems Specialist for the FAA with 31 years of government service.  Active in her church and community, a portion of all profits go to support local and international charities, such as Waterfront Rescue Mission, Food for the Hungry, Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), and Home of Grace.  An avid hobbyist, her talents span a wide range of interests.  Besides making handcrafted soaps, moisturizers and sugar scrubs, she is an accomplished artist, crafter, weaver, and loves to refinish antique furniture when time allows. 


Why making handcrafted soaps, moisturizers, and sugar scrubs as a new career?

After making custom soaps for a friend who had allergic reactions to store bought soaps, she began to receive requests from other friends to make similar natural products.  Driven by curiosity, she began researching all the artificial ingredients found in commercially produced soaps and lotions, and was surprised at the possible negative effects of these ingredients.  Her soap making hobby developed into a line of natural bath and body products, using no parabens, phthalates, or triclosans in her handcrafted soaps, moisturizers, sugar scrubs, shaving soaps, body washes, and lip balms. 


Thus, began Carol's Botanicals..... so called, because she used spices and dried botanicals, such as rose petals and rosemary, for natural color, fragrance, and to obtain the desired exfoliation.  Her business is customer driven, and she was eventually encouraged to offer products that were not necessarily all natural.  For example, it is impossible to to obtain a  "cucumber melon" or "salty sea air" fragrance with essential oils, therefore artificial skin-safe fragrance oils were introduced into some of her products.  Natural colorants such as alkanet root (for purple), cocoa (for brown), or paprika (for burnt orange)tend to be muted, and some customers want more vibrant colors; therefore skin-safe mica colorants can be used to produce brilliant results.